Rumor Roundup : Roman Reigns Status, New WWE Title, Kevin Owens, More!

Speculating on professional wrestling rumors is a favorite pastime for many fans, perhaps right after watching a game. In this daily column, we look at the latest rumors from the wrestling industry.

Important reminder: Rumors are just that: rumours. None of this is confirmed as fact, it's just being circulated on wrestling forums. We investigate the veracity of rumors with a feature called Rumor Look Back which you can find here. Remember, take everything with a grain of salt.

Rumor of the day:

WrestleVotes says that WWE is in a "confused" position with the world title Roman Reigns currently holds because they want to enter WrestleMania next year with two different champions but they don't want him to win a match. Nature is "open" to everything in time.

BeltFanDan says that a new WWE Tag Team Championship belt is coming that will have "an original design, a double black belt with a big WWE logo in the middle." In addition, he says that soon women's belts will receive "beautiful support."

PW Insider reports that WWE has moved Kevin Owens to the babyface side of their roster. The insider also says that all AEW members suspended due to back-to-back fights following the All Out campaign will remain suspended at least until the third party's investigation is complete.

Dave Meltzer said on Twitter that Brady King and Buddy Matthews are the team moving forward despite Malakai Black's status. AEW has filed for the "Black House" trademark, so the group will continue regardless of their status within the company.