Serena Williams shares priceless message on Roger Federer's retirement announcement

After Serena Williams played the final tennis match of her illustrious career at the US Open 12 days ago, Roger Federer shared a beautiful message for the 23-time Grand Slam winner through a video clip taken from the ATP Instagram handle. Serena did the same on Friday when Federer shocked the tennis world with his intention to retire from the sport next week after the Laver Cup in London. Taking to Instagram, Serena shared a precious message for the legend.

Federer is set to return to action later this month after playing in the tennis finals at Wimbledon last year. He was expected to play in the Laver Cup before appearing in Basel. But the 20-time champion shared a video message and typed a lengthy letter on his social media account to announce that he will be successful in the game next week at the end of the Laver Cup event in London. Within minutes, Twitter and Instagram were flooded with messages from all over the world congratulating Federer on his incredible performance.

Serena has also joined the bandwagon. He first reacted to Federer's message with a beautiful message - "So well said. What. One class. Act" which also included doubt emojis before sharing a separate message congratulating Federer.

“I wanted to find the perfect way to say this, as you so eloquently put this game to rest - perfectly done, just like your career. I have always looked up to you and admired you. Our paths were always so similar, so much the same. You inspired countless millions and millions of people - including me - and we will never forget. I applaud you and look forward to all that you do in the future. Welcome to the retirement club. And thank you for being you @rogerfederer,” she wrote on Instagram.

"I am 41 years old. I have played more than 1500 matches over 24 years. Tennis has treated me more generously than I ever would have dream, and now I must recognise when it is time to end my competitive career. Above all I must offer a special thank you to my unbelievable fans. You will never know how much strength and belief you have given me. The inspiring feeling of walking into full stadiums and arenas has been one of the huge thrills in my life. Without you, those successes would have felt lonely, rather than filled with joy and energy," Federer said in his retirement statement.