Formula One

F1 to 'take action' on anti-racism instead of 'gestures', confirms Stefano Domenicali

Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali has uncovered to Sports channel that the game will be moving its anti-racism focus in 2022 in the midst of the push for greater variety, insisting it is now time for "action" rather than "gestures".

Since the beginning of the 2020 season, F1 has run a 'We Race As One' initiative and anti-racism message before races, with drivers then forming at the front of the grid where the majority have taken a knee.

Be that as it may, Domenicali has affirmed the game is changing its position, as while drivers are still allowed to take a knee, they will never again be introduced the conventional chance to do as such in a pre-race function.

Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports News' Craig Slater, F1's president and CEO said: "I think the gesture has been an important gesture because we need to respect everyone, as always.

Talking only to Sports News channel ' Craig Slater, F1's leader and CEO said: "I think the gesture has been an important gesture because we need to respect everyone, as always.

"But now is the time to move on and take some other action."

Domenicali, whose meeting corresponds with F1's new variety push with an augmentation to its engineering scholarship programme, added: "We needed to make sure that what we did was important to show the intention of Formula 1 in things that were really important for the world.

"I think now it's the matter of [changing] gesture, to action. Now the action is the focus on the diversity of our community, and this is the first step."

Sports Channel comprehends Mercedes, whose driver Lewis Hamilton has been at the very front of the push for greater diversity and consideration in the game and then some, upholds F1's position.

F1's designing grant program for under-addressed gatherings began last year and will presently be reached out until somewhere around 2025, empowering scholarships grants to be proposed to 10 students every year.

Domenicali's meeting comes only days after Hamilton got back to the public eye without precedent for a very long time with a post via online media that read: "I've been gone. Now I'm back."

While the post doesn't affirm Hamilton, who was supposed to be "disappointed" with F1 following the questionable Abu Dhabi GP title decider, is most certainly getting back to the framework this year, it was positively a decent sign for the game's chief.

"I saw the last picture was a light of positivity on his face and his gesture," said Domenicali. "I think that is important because Lewis is an incredible asset not only for our sport but for the world."

Hamilton's update was his first - barring a short interview after the December race - since losing the title to Max Verstappen.

"There was a total respect on his choice to be on silent mode," said Domenicali. "I think he will be fully charged for the start of the season."

He added: "Lewis has in front of him a possibility to be an eight-time world champion.

"So I'm sure he is totally focused on these objectives because this year there will be so many new things, so many variables, that will allow this championship to be so attractive.