"How He Attacked The Club...": Wayne Rooney On Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United Parting Ways

Cristiano Ronaldo's reunion with Manchester United was heralded as the return of the prodigal son from Old Trafford, but it ended in a divorce on Tuesday brought about by his insults against the club. Two days before Portugal's World Cup opener, United announced that they were immediately cutting ties with one of football's most popular players. The Portuguese striker told Piers Morgan on TalkTV last week that he feels "betrayed" by the Premier League club and disrespected by manager Erik ten Hag.

He also attacked the owners of the American sports house, the Glazer family, saying that they care about the United States' rights more than the results in sports. The 37-year-old even hit out at former team-mates Gary Neville and Wayne Rooney, saying "they're not my friends" when he was criticized recently.

Now Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo's ex-Manchester United teammate, has spoken about the separation of the superstar from the Premier League giants.

"I think it's sad to see a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, I have said so many times, one of the best player of all time. To see it end with Manchester United, obviously as a former teammate and as a fan   of Manchester United, it's really sad to see it end this way," Rooney told to news channel.

"I think once everyone saw the interview he did with Piers Morgan and how he attacked the club, I think there was no option (but) for this to happen. It's a shame because he has been a servant to Manchester United."

The former England captain added that Ronaldo is still a good player but not what he was when he was 23. "He is a good player, he is no longer the player he was at 23. He is now 37 years old. I always think that he has a role to play at Manchester United, maybe not from the beginning, but in the future (as a substitute). "It's clear that he doesn't want to accept the job and wants to continue his work elsewhere, so for the company that's the best thing," Rooney explained. "It allows them to focus look at the players there. and those who want to be. There. , and for Cristiano, he will focus only on the World Cup in Portugal."