Hyderabad FC became the first team to qualify for the ISL 2021-22 playoffs

Hyderabad FC recorded their 10th victory this season in the Indian Super League when they defeated Kerala Blasters 2-1 on Wednesday night in Bambolim. Bartholomew Ogbeche (28 ') and Javi Siverio (87') stood on Manola Marquez's men's roster, while Vincy Barretto (90 + 5 ') later drew one for the guests, Apan Kawang.

Nim Dorjee Tamang and Mohammad Yasir nodded at Manolo's Starting XI, which had made some changes on its side since last match, and the HFC took the lead from the first whistle.

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Akash Mishra, Joel Chianese, Ogbeche, Rohit Danu and Yasir are a constant threat of attack in every match. And Ogbeche opened the score just before half-time after Rohit Danu's head landed in the lime.

Ogbeche showed strength to stop KBFC's defense, and Prabhsukhan Gill defeated her, scoring his 17th goal in the campaign and giving HFC a well-deserved advantage.

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The Blasters got into two chances, the best of which went to Chench, but Laxmikant Kattimani, Juanan and Nim Dorjee stood high to take more of the team after the break.

The HFC was under pressure and could easily cash in after the break, as KBFC pushed hard on the equalizer in the second half. But Ogbeche and Dan forced Gil to double their score before the guests remained alert.

Manolo brought on the likes of Sahil Tavora, Khassa Camara and Aniket Jadhav but it was the substitute pair of Nikhil Poojary and Javi Siverio that got together to give us our second of the night.

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Vincy played the show late in the match to deny Kattimani a decent clean sheet, but it was a professional HFC performance that won 2-1 and increased his lead in the table to four points.

Juanan was named the 'hero of the match', but it was the team's total effort that helped Hyderabad to his 10th victory during the ISL.

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