DFL Partners With Football Sports Development Limited To Bring Global Best Practices to Indian Football


The DFL Deutsche Football Liga, the governing body of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL), the business partner of Indian football and the organizer of the Indian Super League.

With different backgrounds and opportunities from Europe and India, both parties seek to gain valuable insight into the sporting culture of both regions. The MoU continued to focus on several areas of cooperation, the club's potential strategy and exchange of experiences around fan engagement, and a strong focus on the use of technology and innovation. Similarly, the first knowledge sharing conference was held in Frankfurt, Germany.

When it comes to developing fans in India, alongside football events and experiential marketing projects, the goal is to raise awareness and find new ways to nurture a passionate but underserved audience. in hand. Another key area is eFootball, with the DFL and FSDL working closely together to develop a strategy and business model for the eISL.

Donata Hopfen, CEO of DFL, said: "India represents an exciting emerging market due to the growing interest in football and the involvement of the public in recent years, making football the second sport in the country. Therefore, and because of its global interest in the game, India is playing - and will continue to play - an important role and the Bundesliga's international efforts in the coming years."

He added that this partnership will contribute to the growth of football, the world's favorite sport. "Together we are exploring ways to collaborate and work together with the ISL, who we trust, will not only benefit the Indian and German football professionals, but more importantly importance, it will be another milestone as we support the growth of the world's favorite sport in many parts of the world. "He added.

A FSDL spokesperson said: “We are always looking for partnerships that will contribute to the overall growth of Indian football and bring the best practices from the world championships to Indian clubs to learn from. DFL has been a strong partner of FSDL over the years and this partnership continues to grow with a focus on how to provide the best Indian football experience to players. We hope this partnership will benefit Indian football and its fans.

In the last few years, German football has established a close relationship with the leading players in Indian football and football in India has also seen progress. Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig have established partnerships with several ISL clubs, while the German Football Association (DFB) has also signed an agreement with the Indian Football Federation (AIFF).